I am a Ph.D. candidate in quantitative marketing at Goethe University Frankfurt.

My research broadly focuses on developing models to improve inference from data collected in different areas of marketing.

I am particularly interested in modeling decision effort and attention in consumer choice. In my job market paper, I explore how incentive alignment affects discrete choice through altering decision effort. I develop a cognitive choice model that separately estimates preferences and decision effort from choice data. The model yields a framework that bridges between incentivized and non-incentivized data based on a common set of preferences but differential effort levels across the two groups. Leveraging cheap non-incentivized data in the inference, the framework provides a cost-effective yet externally valid alternative to full scale incentivized experiments.

In another paper, I propose a procedure to provide evidence for causal mediation in "measurement-of-mediation" designs where causality of the link between the mediator and the dependent variable is not established through experimental manipulation. The procedure is implemented in an R package.

Research interests

  • Topics: Behavioral Economics, Choice Modeling, Process Models of Decision, Rational Inattention, Causal Inference

  • Methodologies: Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Discrete Choice Experiments, Bayesian Model Comparison